How to handle being a weird Bride


So you’re getting married? Congratulations! As a former wedding planner I can’t tell you how overjoyed I am that you are here reading this. But if you are like me and sick of your average run of the mill wedding crap then I am sure you have gotten strange comments and weird looks about your wedding choices. Let me tell you a little bit about our wedding and maybe this will make you feel a little more confident in what you have decided for your special day. ***I will post all of our vendors on the vendor page in case you want some bitching service for your own wedding in the North Carolina area***

Our wedding will take place on a Sunday next Fall. Yes that’s right a Sunday.  While that may be a big no-no here in the South, let’s face it….who gets married on a Sunday? Well for starters we do. Sunday works better with our schedule, Sundays have always been a meaningful day together, and believe it or not….vendors charge less for a Sunday wedding. We aren’t getting married in a church but chose the more relaxed atmosphere of a historic hall with antique wood plank floors and lots of natural light from the huge picture windows (I won’t give it away just yet…the idea is so unique we have never seen it done before and we want to surprise our guests). Our invites are coming from an amazing graphic designer on Etsy who hails from across the pond in England. I won’t be wearing a wedding dress either. I am choosing to make my own gorgeous black tulle skirt and then use whichever top I finally decide on which will most likely be a form fitting shirt with a corset underneath. **I’ll do a simple tulle skirt tutorial later on for those of you who want to try it yourselves ** I will probably go barefoot just because I like connecting with the Earth and because all heels are evil. I am not wearing a veil but a woven crown on my head made from willow with fresh flowers in it. I’m making my own bouquet that will include black calla lilies and blood red roses (I do floral arrangements and my grandmother was a florist. Runs in the fam). My DF (dear fiancé), who is tatted up and bearded will be wearing a Kilt and some shit kicking boots. There will be no reception only a sweet after party with several food trucks that serve local eats and a DIY open bar with our fave local brews. Our cake will be gothic themed and our table linens will be black with centerpieces that scream Halloween. No ceremony…just a Handfasting with vows written by yours truly and given the thumbs up by DF. And for our intro and exit we will be using a local Bagpipe and Drum band. How awesome is that right? Nothing traditional about our wedding at all and we love it. Everything about our wedding is stuff that reflects who we are as a couple and things we love. In fact…I would even call it an Un-Wedding. Like in Alice in Wonderland with the Un-Birthday. I prefer to use the term “The Event” because there’s really nothing wedding about our day at all. Just good times, good friends, good food, and celebrating our union with people we love.

Sounds simple right? Well not really. It took a long time to get to this point. And a lot of weird looks. Once we knew what we wanted to do it took courage saying no to the traditional wedding farce. We almost fell trap to it too… one point we were considering a traditional affair at a local Winery. But when they turned their noses up at our unconventional ideas and our small private event….we knew we had to do something that was totally different, something that felt totally us. I had to embrace the weirdness that makes us a cool couple. I had to become a weird bride. One that loves black wedding dresses and cactus guest favors. And I had to fully embrace it. As I want everyone that reads this blog. Embrace who you are and what you want whole heartedly. So what you are getting married at Midnight? Who cares if you are wearing a pants suit? Heck go ahead and elope if you want to. Just live each and every moment for you. Enjoy and embrace your strangeness. Flaunt it even. Make your event an expression of you and your loved one. Because there are too many normal people in this world. Get weird!


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