Hate weddings, love marriage.


So here’s the thing…..I’m getting married. I’m super excited and cannot wait for our fall wedding next year! But let’s be honest…….I think it’s safe to say that when you are over 40 and this isn’t your first marriage, it’s not something you shout from the rafters. But you should. You should be able to shout from the rafters, tattoo it on your forearm, make a bumper sticker, and slap that shit on a t-shirt. When you finally find the love of your life, the one that your soul desires, the one you cannot stand to spend a minute without…it is a pretty awesome and powerful thing! However, there is such a stigma today about weddings that most brides can’t even enjoy the process. And that just makes me disgusted. It takes all of the fun out of being engaged, planning a wedding, and being happy newlyweds. That’s why I started this very blog. Hi….I’m Gigi and if you are reading this then you aren’t a traditional Brides Magazine kind of gal either. You haven’t spent hours pouring your heart and soul over pages of fluffy white dresses that you could never afford and that will probably never fit you. I’m a curvy short girl myself and I have no problems owning it. I’ve gained 20 lbs in the past 2 years due to knee surgery, being blissfully happy, and loving to eat good food. I’m complicated…..I have way too many food allergies, I’m picky, and I have a job where I am chained to my desk about 90% of the day. I’m also a mom of a teenager with a social schedule equivalent to a Kardashian. This means I am busy AF and have other things to worry about than “sweating for the wedding” to get down to a size that isn’t realistic that I can’t even maintain. Thankfully  my fiancé loves me curvy and makes me feel sexy everyday. But if you have ever experienced the stress of  trying on wedding dresses in a regular bridal salon then you know that those dresses instantly make you feel like a tank ass……no matter what your size. Some of the prettiest brides I know are curvy girls yet society doesn’t produce images of  wedding dresses that fit normal bodies. Why? Every bride, groom, and couple is different.  No one’s love or relationship looks the same. Not every wedding is a cookie cutter wedding either.  In fact, some of the coolest weddings and civil unions I know of have been put together by LGBT couples. Yet again….if it’s not normal and traditional, you rarely hear about it. That was one of the first things that people started asking me when they found out there was going to be a wedding. “What kind of wedding are you going to have?” The questions usually went in this order…..1) Where is your ring?, 2) When are you getting married?, and 3) What kind of dress are you going to wear? First off……I don’t have a ring. At least I don’t at the moment. Nor have I had a formal proposal either. And you know what? I am totes ok with this because I am a grown ass woman. I don’t need a 4 carat diamond  or an epic proposal to post on social media to know that my man loves me. Is this kinda backwards in today’s wedding frame of mind? Oh hell yes. De Beers has done an excellent job of hard selling the diamond engagement ring BS. Do I like diamonds? Sure. Who doesn’t like sparkly glittery things? But I don’t NEED one. Big difference. In fact….most of our close friends and family don’t even know we are getting married next year. Just a few select people. And we are totally ok with that. We are enjoying the planning process just the two of us without any added or unwanted advice. For example….we are not having a religious wedding. We are doing a Handfasting. Down here in the South that won’t go over very well but I don’t really care. We are doing what’s right for us. It’s our wedding afterall…..not our parents, not our friends, nobodys. Just ours. So we do what we want. Cross over to the dark side…..it’s so much nicer here. There is no wedding stress…only fun. I highly recommend it.

My intentions for this blog is to help other gals like myself feel like they can fit in and to totally have fun while planning the wedding that is right for them. Not what society says you should do, or your mother-in-law, or that bitter old hag at the dress store. Rock it if you are a big or curvy girl. Embrace your homemade or black wedding dress…..or even no dress at all! Who gives a crap in 20 years about what kind of napkins you had at your reception? NO ONE. Think outside the box and realize that you are you, you are getting married, and no matter what you have planned that it will be awesome and amazing. Let’s stop all of this wedding bullshit and start embracing the different. That’s what being a Not-So Traditional Bride is all about!

Cheers, Gigi


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