Sunday Funday!

bike picSundays in our house are family days and I usually try to spend the whole day just doing family stuff. This Sunday however we took some time out to work on the cover photo of my blog page and my Twitter cover pic. This pic was shot in Raleigh at the end of a deserted dead end road. The bike was an Indian motorcycle provided by Garcia Moto of Raleigh and the skirt was a vintage find off of Ebay. The shoes, anklet, and veil were my own. We had a great time doing this shoot! The full pic is posted below with the full veil in it. We had a hard time getting it to lay right because the wind kept changing and it was blowing all over the place. Nothing like a good challenge and some puzzled spectators to make a shoot exciting!

bike 2

I chose a vintage motorcycle feel to this shoot because my DF loves motorcycles and even owns a few Ducatis (italian motorcycles for those of you who don’t speak motorcycle). He actually convinced me to ride with him and we drove around the Triangle for over 5 hours enjoying the beautiful weather. While we were out we checked out some other wedding sites for possible bridal shoots but they have all been done before. And I definitely didn’t want the traditional shoot where there is a bride standing in a white dress in the middle of a big field or standing next to some random bush. No thanks….I want something a little more exciting to remember the most important time in my life by. Below are pics of both Yates Mill in Raleigh off of Lake Wheeler road and the Merrimon Wynne House in downtown Raleigh. While both are gorgeous and fun to visit, in my opinion they are both entirely overdone.

Who wants to be just like everybody else? I sure as hell don’t. Sure the Wynne is beautiful but do you know how many Triangle brides think it’s the mecca of everything bridal? Well folks….it’s really not. Cool historic house, entirely overpriced. And so overdone. It’s everywhere. Do you want to be just like everybody else? I think not. If so….then you wouldn’t even be reading this page right now.

My plan is to do periodic random shoots in the cool parts of Raleigh to show brides that it is more than ok to think outside of the box. Your wedding photographer doesn’t have any cool ideas for your shoot? Then fire them and find yourself one that does. No seriously…..come up with some neat ideas and present them yourself. Find cool off the map places to visit. Take sample pics. Try out different style options. The ideas are endless. Just don’t be like every other bride out there. Be different. Be yourself. Reflect the love and relationship that you share with your partner. Nobody knows better about your love than you. Tap into that inner coolness and be brave. Because we all know that one girl who’s wedding photos are of her standing to next to some bush or random tree. Climb the tree. Do something. Just take cool pics!

*Big thanks to Garcia Moto for letting us use this gorgeous Indian motorcycle. If you’re looking for a sweet bike they are the folks to go see!


Cheers! Gigi


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