Wedding website, no invite….how your wedding invitation can set the tone of the whole event


stationaryWedding invitations. Who doesn’t love getting them right? Opening your mailbox on a rainy day during wedding season to find a fancy, shiny envelope just beckoning to be opened is always super exciting. Weddings have a way of making even the grumpiest person smile. Everybody loves a good wedding and your invitation is the first clue your guests will have as to what kind of event it will be. Choose something filmy and dreamy and your guests can just visualize all of the romantic details that they may see. Choose something navy and nautical and they may be more convinced of a modern beach wedding. Your invitation is like a gateway. It opens up the door of possibility for your guests. Everyone has that one good wedding story. That wedding you went to that was totally different, off the chain, over priced, under done, what have you. My personal favorite was the wedding of a friend of mine years ago. He and his wife had only about 30 people present. They got married barefoot on the beach at sunset. No chairs, nothing fancy, and everyone wore flip flops and beach attire. They didn’t even have a reception. Everyone walked up the beach to this nice little restaurant on the water where they had the deck sectioned off for us. We ate great food, drank great beer, and danced the night away under the stars. It was epic. And it was the most laid back, simple wedding that I have ever been to. Their wedding invites were a beach theme on recycled paper. So that gave me a pretty good idea that their wedding would be pretty sandy. Inside the envelope there was a packet of sunflower seeds, which was the bride’s favorite flower and also what she carried down the aisle. Very simple and very meaningful. I loved it. Still my favorite wedding to this day. Well….other than my own of course!

When we decided what kind of invitation we wanted, I don’t think DF actually cared (love you honey!). I found STN stationary in England through Etsy. Our wedding invite is actually the one above in the picture…the bottom left hand corner. They are printed on recycled paper with a recycled envelope. Of course I picked vintage motorcycles because that is DF’s first love 🙂 . They turned out super amazing and I know it will confuse the hell out of our guests (once they read the back however and learn about the ceremony and after party location it will all make sense). Our total invitation cost will be around $200 which to me is extremely reasonable to get a recycled product and support a small business at the same time. You can make your invites as expensive or as cheap as you like. I will list below my top cheap invite ideas of all time. Check them out and see if one will work for you.

  • Wedding website… no invite. With great online choices now days, a lot of couples are choosing to go completely paperless when it comes to invitations. I’m all about being more green and I think this is a responsible option. I knew one bride that did this. The couple used their parents as word of mouth to all of their guests to get them to check out the website. The site included all of the wedding info and even had an online RSVP option that emailed yays or nays right to the couple. It seemed to work seamlessly. My only worry would be getting the word out to the right people to make sure the guests that were wanted at the wedding actually showed up at the wedding (can you say Wedding Crashers??? Fave movie of all time btw). You can create your own wedding website on sites like and Total cost for this= Free!!!


  • Make your own. Ya’ll know I am the queen of DIY. This is why my spare bedroom has actually been turned into a craft room (it’s a sickness that just keeps spreading I tell ya). Making your own invitations is a lot like making your own wedding dress…..very rewarding and a total pain in the ass. It allows you to be creative and doesn’t limit you to just paper. You can literally design it exactly the way you want. There are several ways to do this……

The first option is that you can go online and use a online only invite site. I decided that for the purposes of this blog that I would pick one “free” site and design my own for my readers to see. The site I chose was Punchbowl. This site is freaking awesome. It sends online wedding invites to all of your guests. The one draw back it that you have to know their email address and make sure it is a valid one or it will get kicked back. Here is a screenshot of the wedding invite I created for my wedding…….

inivite 1


invite 2

It actually turned out really nice! Not to mention I just saved a few trees.  Total cost for 100 online invites….Free!!! Check out their site…..

Second DIY invite option is to take thee to thy local craft store. Michael’s and Hobby Lobby are the meccas of DIY everything. Both have very nice scrapbooking and stationary selections. You could make something as simple as this in the pic below or you can jazz it up a bit with custom labels, stickers, and notions. They also carry matching envelopes as well. Options are endless but keep in mind, also time consuming. Total cost for 100 simple invites =$50 to $150


Third option is to buy a DIY kit. These can be found online and also at local craft and stationary stores. It comes with everything you need except the time you put into designing the invite. Most of these will use programs on the computer that you will then print out on a printer. Just make sure your printer is equipped to handle cardstock and you have good ink or the invites could smear. Total cost for 100 = $39.99 to $200

Fourth option is to design your own online and then take the sample template somewhere like Kinkos or Office Max that can print larger quantities. I’ve seen this done before and the invitations actually come out really nice and professional looking. The paper and printing style you choose will vary the cost quite a bit. Total cost for 100= $60 to $175

That’s it for DIY options. Now let’s see more structured online options……

  • VistaPrint. I love me some Vistaprint! Not only are their products very reasonable on the wallet but they get shipped correctly and quickly. Vista Print can do anything from invites to napkins and everything in between. Most invites start at less than $2 and if you want to go even cheaper you can do post cards instead. They can even send you sample kits just to get an idea what some of the invites and cardstock look like IRL. The best part? They have coupons and specials all the time. I have ordered invitations from the in the past and they always come out looking amazing. Total cost for 100= $50 to $200. Check out their site…..


  • Etsy.  I’m not going to lie…I’m cheating on DF with Etsy. I order from them all of the time and I have never had a bad experience, not even once. I’m also big on supporting independent businesses. We are getting our invites from a graphic designer in England who has some really neat stuff. Below is the sample for our invite (not the final product. Editing still taking place). We are in love with it. It’s very different and just perfect for us.  The vintage bikes definitely set the correct tone for our wedding! Total cost for 100= $150 to $300.


i fronti back


  • Zazzle. I like this online site for the simple fact that they have a crazy amount of wedding templates to choose from. Heck they have a lot to choose from period. Just for fun I browsed the site and picked “Halloween wedding invitation” to see what they could come up with. Super impressed. Here’s a really cool one I found….



This wedding invite was only $2.31 a piece with the discount for a first time order. They literally have every theme you could imagine. Keep it as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. Total cost for 100= $200 to $350. Check out their site…..


So that’s a few of my favorite wedding invite ideas. Choosing a wedding invite that goes along with the feel of your wedding will give your guests a good heads up (it will also clue them in as to the appropriate dress to show up at the wedding in if you don’t specify it on the invite). If you are having a rustic barn wedding you could do a simple country wedding invite on some brown cardstock. Halloween nuptials? Something spooky and glittery. Eloping? Do a wedding announcement that embraces the location where you were wed. Backyard wedding? Have all of your gal pals help with the homemade invites. Keep it simple, keep it cheap, and make it fun. Wasting nearly $1000 on invites that eventually see a landfill at the end of their life to me just simply isn’t worth it.

What ideas do you have? Shoot me a message and let me know. I am always up for new and different ideas! And the cheaper, the better 🙂

Cheers, Gigi








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