Engaged AF…. cute ways to let the world know you are off the market

picCongrats! You are engaged! Welcome to the crazy world of wedding planning, engagement parties, save-the-dates, and staying up until the wee hours of the morning drinking entirely too much wine stressing over every little detail about your wedding. Isn’t this fun??! Hell yes it is. Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting things you can do. You found your soulmate, your partner, your better half. What could be more exciting that that? Now that you have found The One, how do you let your friends and fam know that you are now officially off the market? There are a couple of really cute ways you can do this. The days of just waving your hand around with a big rock on it seeing if someone will finally notice is over. Thankfully Pinterest never runs out of ideas! So you can grab your fave Starbucks, curl up with your lap top, and have a marathon wedding day. Here’s a few cute ideas to get you started…….

  • Engagement gear. Not to be a bit of a braggart but I love this concept. eh pic 1Hell yeah let the world know that you are taken. Who cares if you get side eye and  snarky glances? Screw them. There are several things you can use to accomplish this effect. For starters there is the coffee mug announcement. I love this idea. Probably because me and DF are self admitted Starbucks whores and can’t have a Sunday morning without it. The pic here is super cute. Especially the gratuitous ring shot. Love! If coffee isn’t your thing then try a sweatshirt or t-shirt. Let the world know you are engaged without even saying a word. However do expect lots of head tilts and eye rolls. Some people just hate other people’s happiness. Those people suck.


  • Surprise Engagement shindig. What a better way to sayeng pic you’re engaged than a party with lots of great food and booze? Have a pop up engagement party. Invite fam and friends to a local venue and make the happy announcement. A cute way that’s less subtle is to order fortune cookies with the message, “We’re engaged!” and the wedding date on the paper inside. Leave one at each place setting. Guests get a cookie and the message. What can be better than that! My personal choice however would be to do a backyard BBQ. Have everyone come over and make their best dish to share. You can either announce it right before everyone starts grubbing or even better….say it with a Piñata. Fill it with ring pops, little fake wedding bands ( like the cheap kind you can find at Oriental Trading Company), little plastic doves….anything that suggests wedding. Once the Piñata breaks you and your beau can then announce why the weird filling….you’re engaged!!!!


  • Social Media. Ahhh good ole social media. The staple for most of our lives. socialFunny enough we barely even had cell phones 25 years ago. I rocked a bag phone in high school. If you are too young to know what that is then please google “Motorola bag phone” for a great laugh. And then kiss your Smart Phone and be thankful lol. The easiest way to let the whole world know about your impending nuptials is by using all of the social media platforms. Plaster it on your Facebook with pics included. Tweet the good news. Snapchat your ring bling. Cute couple pic on Instagram holding a sign saying “I said yes!”. Any cute and different idea that you can come up with, do it.


  • Snail Mail. If you prefer something a tad bit more old fashioned postcardthen the snail mail option is best for you. Even though most couples have gotten away from sending traditional mailed announcements there are still a few cute ways to do this option. My favorite is the post card announcement. Super casual, super cheap, and still a neat way to announce your nuptials! These postcards usually cost less than $1.50 each and the postage on these is super cheap. You can use sites like Zazzle, Etsy, Vistaprint, and Shutterfly just to name a few.


musicIt doesn’t really matter what kind of platform you use. Or don’t use one at all. If you want to keep the details of your engagement private then by all means do so. This is YOUR time, your day, your partner, the love of your life. Do what makes you happy. Just do it well. If people want to try to steal your joy, don’t let them. Don’t entertain that crap for a second. There is so little love in this world already. Letting one person trying to ruin it for you just isn’t worth it. Be excited! Be happy! Take a moment to recognize this amazing time in your life. Tell everyone. Be that couple that grosses everyone out because you can see how in love they are. Love is a precious gift. Celebrate!!!


Cheers, Gigi


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