Themed weddings….the good, the bad, and the absolutely ridic

Ahhh themed weddings. Who hasn’t heard of one? At some point you may have actually thought of doing one yourself. There are so many different ideas floating around today that literally you can probably do anything and get away with it. Below are some of my all time favorite themed weddings….and a few not-so favorite. A great place to find inspiration is Offbeat Bride. I freakin love their site….a serious shout out to them for showcasing your not-so-basic Bride.

  • Anything that involves a sword. This includes Renaissance, Celtic, and Norse/Viking weddings. You guys have to admit….swords are freaking badass. Anytime I go to a wedding and I know a sword will be involved somehow I immediately get excited. I found this wedding on Offbeat Bride and thought it was epic. Who doesn’t love a Norse wedding? . They actually had the guests compete in an archery contest to see who got the first dance with the Bride! If yougirl decide that this style of wedding is for you then you have great options for costumes. Party city is a great place to start for reasonably priced gear. Local costume shops are also another good place. Don’t have one in your area? Then check out your local theatre company. They may have costumes that they rent out when they aren’t in season. And for the cutest flower girl and ring bearer costumes on the planet, check out Century Garments on Etsy. She can custom make anything to fit the needs of your wedding Now that you have your garments covered, where do you have said Blessed event? Think stone, castles, rolling open fields. Here in NC there are actually a couple of neat places you can do this at…..

Castle McCulloch in Jamestown, NC. Really neat old stone castle with gorgeous grounds and an interior to die for.  http://www.castlemcculloch.comcastle

Castle Mackenzie, Murphy NC . This property is in the mountains of NC. It can be rented by the week but only a max of 4 people can stay here. Contact them for exact details. m

Barclay Villa, Angier NC. The more modern of the castles, this one may be the most elegant. If you are looking for all of the bells and whistles then this could be your castle. Different wedding packages available. barclay

Umstead Park, Reedy Creek Shelter #1, Cary NC. For $100 for the day rental, this stone structure can’t be beat. It includes two fire places that candles may be lit in. Just keep in mind no alcohol.umstead

Food can be anything from traditional fare such as spit roasted meats to more modern choices and finger foods. Serving mead is a given of course! Tasty Beverage Company in downtown Raleigh has several mead choices on hand…. . Make is as primal as you want. Eat, drink, and be merry. This is after all the best day of your life!


Movie Weddings. These are any wedding based off a variation of a film. Coolest wedding idea that I have seen so far in this genre is a Labyrinth wedding that took place across the pond.. They nailed it completely. One of the Bride’s totally rocked the 80’s David Bowie look. The link to this wedding is……. .


I have also seen a Happy Potter theme. This wedding is nicely done I think…… They had a guerilla style wedding in Harry Potter World Orlando. Love it!


Color weddings. These are weddings that focus on a specific color palette. If done well, these can be super cute. I really like the spring colored weddings with all of the bright pastels. It just makes everything look so much happier! I love the black wedding dress and the light bridesmaids dresses in this pic. Stunning!


Circus weddings. Any wedding that features a big top theme. Generally, I do not care for Circus weddings. This is probably because I don’t like clowns. At all. Halloween really does a number on me with all of the people in creepy clown costumes. Ughhhhhhh. Anywho…..this theme can be pulled off well with some stellar planning. It’s either going to be classy or trashy. There really is no in between with a Circus wedding. This wedding I thought was done extremely well. The Bride is simply stunning! Love the hair


Halloween & Gothic weddings. A darkly themed wedding. Lots of black decorations, candles, vampires, zombies….only the good stuff. I don’t associate with people who don’t like Halloween. I just don’t. It’s my all time favorite holiday. I start looking forward to it in about February. In fact, my own wedding is taking place a few short days before All Hallow’s Eve. I love everything about it. The darkness, the mystery, the costumes, the candy…..all of it. If I was going to dress up as a character for my wedding it would definitely be little red riding hood. I am simply obsessed with this look!



You can have spooky candelabras, crystal skulls, assorted bottles of mixed potions (aka craft beer with neat Halloween labels),just go nuts with it. A really neat idea to include the guests in the festivities with a masquerade ball. People love dressing in costume and can even go incognito if they want. Go all out to give yourself the most badass wedding ever. Heck even get matching Tats to seal your union (btw having a licensed tattoo artist at your wedding is a neat and different way to let your guests always have something to remember you by). Since I can’t get a tattoo (allergy issue with the ink), I am doing henna on my feet and hands for our Handfasting ceremony. Think about this for your own wedding if a permanent piece of art is something you aren’t ready to commit to yet.

Steampunk. A style of design and fashion that combines historical elements with anachronistic technological features inspired by science fiction. Let’s face it…Steampunk is cool. I don’t fully understand its culture but I think the outfits are cool as hell. You are starting to see more Steampunk events emerging. And the either look best in an industrial setting or the complete opposite, like an open field or forest. It’s unexpected. It’s different.  And that’s what makes it awesome!



And now for the No. Please…for the love of everything sacred….don’t do a Disney wedding. Just don’t. I’m all about saying screw traditional but this just personally pushes me over the edge. No dressing up as Belle or Ariel. No tacky mouse ears. None of that Peter Pan nonsense. Disney is for kids. If you want to get Disney’ed the fuck out then by all means get married at Disney. Don’t subject your guests to this. Trust me, they will thank you. And so will your wedding planner. We run from Disney Brides. For reals. disney

I hope you’ve enjoyed some of the themes I’ve posted today. Maybe a few will inspire you to think outside of the box and do something a little weird and magical for your own day. Give your guests something to talk about for years to come. And just remember……themed weddings make some of the neatest wedding photos you’ve ever seen.


Happy Planning!   Gigi



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