Ditch the veil…alternatives that demand attention the day of

veilVeils. The bane of bridal existence. Do you wear a veil on your wedding day or not? Veils have been used for centuries in weddings. Most brides wear them with a blusher that covers their face until their father or the groom turns it back to reveal that $200 bridal makeup job. I personally do not like veils. I think they are stuffy, old fashioned, and can take away from the bride and her beauty. Having a long, fluffy tulle thing floating around is pretty distracting. My first wedding I wore a chapel length veil. This means my veil extended all the way down the church aisle behind me. I hated it. I kept stepping on it and by the end of pictures, it was filthy. I won’t be using a veil this time around. I find them a nuisance. Not to mention that $3 tulle can cost as much as $400 in some cases. Which is totally ridiculous. I can do a veil tutorial if need be for those brides who really have their heart set on a veil. But please don’t spend over $50 on a veil. Totes not worth it when you can make it for less than $10.

Now let’s just say you’ve decided you don’t want a veil. Great! What kind of looks can you pull off then? Tons! Just pick something to match the theme of your day. Having a Dios de la Muerte wedding? Try a large red rose in your hair. A woodland wedding? How about a crown of wildflowers. Feeling more like a gothic princess? Try a crystal headband. There are so many options you could chose from but here are my top picks for veil replacement.

  • Crown of Flowers. Call me a hippie, I don’t care, but I simply love the way this looks.crown You can find some awesome inspiration on Pinterest let me tell ya. Floral crowns are super simple to make. If you don’t feel like tackling it yourself then you could always have a local florist or a flower savvy friend make it for you. I want to use one for my wedding but I am not 100% sold on the idea just yet. I’m still exploring options as to what would look best with my look. This however is so dreamy and to die for that it may just be the winner. Make sure to use flowers with woody stems that can stay fresh for awhile without moisture. Roses can work but tend to flower crowenfade fast so make sure you have a way to keep your crown chilled until the actual ceremony. Peonies, azaleas, gardenias, daisies, mums, ivy….these all look nice and have a slower fading time. Make sure you do a test run before the big day to have an idea of how long the flowers will last. It may be wise to carry a small cooler with your crown in it to prevent both wilting and damage.


  • Head scarves. Love, love, love this look. A great alternative to a veil without looking so formal. You can use any color really and it will still look amazing. Just think how different you will look while dazzling your guests. Below are three looks I just adore….


Head Bangles. Basically this is jewelry for your head or hair. Think ethereal. Think glamourous. Just think outside the box. There are a lot of talented artists on Etsy that have some really neat stuff. Most artists can custom make a piece just for your wedding day. Here are a few ideas below to get you started…



  • Ribbons and Bows. Bows are making a comeback. And they are perfect for your wedding day look! Go as big or as little as you want. Can’t commit to a bow? Then try a ribbon wrap such as a lace headband. It still gives you that touch of elegance without going too over the top.



Feathers. Feathers are becoming quite the wedding trend. Again Etsy is your best friend here. You can find vendors that ensure the feathers are ethically sourced (I’m a vegetarian and hate harm to any animal). You could go with peacock, turkey, or fowl feathers. Just ensure they are stored somewhere free of moisture before the wedding to make sure they look their best.



  • Braids. Regardless if I do a headpiece for my wedding day or not I will definitely be doing some funky braids. I love braids and have for as long as I can remember. Long braided hair to me just looks stellar for a wedding day. I am currently growing out my hair again for just this purpose and man am I blessed to have such a patient hair stylist (Love you Kelly!). The first pic is taken from Offbeat Bride. The link to their site and that awesome wedding is here..http://offbeatbride.com/quebec-wiccan-wedding/ . I am totally in love with the Bride’s entire look and can’t wait for our own handfasting at our wedding day 🙂



  • Hats. Hats aren’t just for tea time ladies. Hats are cool AF. Anyone can pull off an excellent hat look with just the right hat. aMuse Artisinal Finery right here in NC makes some pretty sick hats. They can custom make a piece just for your special day. Here is a link to their site….. http://www.hatshatshats.com/. I have included a few of their hat pics below as well as a few I found on Pinterest that I just love. Who does a hat for their wedding day? You just might! Even get your groom to play along. Hats aren’t just for the gals. Guys can look just as sexy!



  • Beading.  Beading has long been used as a hair adornment for weddings for centuries. Sadly you don’t see it used much anymore. A neat way to spice up your wedding hairstyle is to add some beads to it. Braid it, bead it, curl it….just make it different. Think Game of Thrones as your inspiration. The more primal, the better.



I hope this post will give you the inspiration to ditch the veil. Everyone wears a veil. Be that one bride that stands out from the rest. Be memorable. Be you. Do what you like and what fits for your day. Ten years from now when you look back at pictures you want to be pleased with what you see. Don’t be afraid to be different. Who knows? You might just start the newest wedding trend.

Have fun!   Gigi




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