The Bridal Bubble. How to not let anyone steal your bliss

beachYou’re engaged. More than likely every word that spews from your mouth has to do with your wedding. You’re excited to plan and re-plan and change things about a million times while trying not to drive your partner absolutely mad. You visit craft stores entirely too much, scroll through Pinterest and pin things like a pro, and have way too many bridal mags on your coffee table. It’s a very exciting albeit stressful time in your life. This is big stuff. Having a wedding and getting married is totally life changing. It takes second only to having kids. You would think all your besties would be on your bridal band wagon right? Actually….no. The surprising thing is that you may find that your friends and family may not necessarily give a warm welcome to all of your bridal musings. Take my situation for example. Let’s face it….I’m not a young bride. This is not my first dog and pony show. I’ve been married before, I helped plan countless weddings, I’ve been in more than I can count… you would think I have my shit together when it comes to my own wedding? WRONG. I have changed my mind about things so many times that I am shocked DF still entertains my crazy thoughts. I’m just like every other bride. I want my day to be perfect. I’m not doing this again so in my mind it has to be just right. But the reality is no one will remember the little imperfections that I know I will obsess about on the actual day of. What matters is DF and I are getting married. We’re becoming permanent partners, husband and wife. That’s what the whole entire shindig is about. All of the little petty crap doesn’t matter.

Back to your bridal bubble. I try hard to live in mine daily. Partly because I am planning my own wedding and partly because I maintain this blog and a wedding business. I share my wedding thoughts with my friends because I don’t really have any family that I can count on. The sad thing is that my friend list has dwindled over the years for various reasons. I now only have a few close friends in my circle. But they are also around my age. They are married or divorced and could really care less about my wedding ramblings. Sad story but a true one. I am forced to either contain my happiness to myself or spill it all out onto DF. God Bless his unending patience! The man is a saint I tell ya.

How do you keep your wedding happy when no one else seems to notice or care? Well to be honest it’s hard. Right now I am writing this blog while looking at a gorgeous bouquet of flowers on my desk that DF gave me. flowersInstead of being happy for me, the people I share this office with just turn their nose up. Not a response you welcome I tell ya. Do you think anyone asks about how the wedding planning is going? Nope. Not a one. And when I try to volunteer info or ideas suddenly everyone is very busy. Now to be honest most of the peeps are in their late twenties and early thirties. So I’m the old lady of the group. I get it. But once in awhile it would be nice if someone showed interest. I love weddings. Hence my profession of choice. Nothing gets me more excited than an excited bride (except for maybe gluten free pita bread and hummus). So how do you maintain your bridal bubble and hang on to your wedding happy? There’s a  few ways actually……..

  • Have a bridal day just for you. Go to a wedding expo, go look at dresses, go check out that new craft store for cute table top ideas, go thrift store shopping for antique vases….just do something that applies to your wedding day. Don’t take anyone with you, just go solo. Make a wedding to-do list for the day and start crossing things off. Get up early, get your coffee going, and get out the door.


  • Don’t give a shit. That’s right, I said it. You are getting married and you are thrilled about it. Tell everyone you see. Seriously. Gross them out with your wedding details. Who cares if no one cares? You have every right to be excited and this feeling is fleeting. One day it will all come to an end and there will be no more wedding talk and no more wedding stuff. Some of you have taken years to plan your wedding. Enjoy every moment. One day those moments will be gone.


  • Plan a girls day with the Bestie. While she may not thrilled to be absorbed into your wedding bliss for a day, I bet she will change your mind if you offer up free lunch or a pedicure! Total win/win….you get in some quality girl time and she gets some good looking toes. Can’t beat that logic.


  • Remain positive and takes lots of deep breaths. Wedding planning is hard stuff. Sometimes it just takes one person to make a negative comment to ruin your entire day. Don’t let somebody else steal your joy. Light a candle, think positive and healing thoughts, and just radiate thankfulness and peace. I find that gluten free cider helps a lot 🙂


  • Have the final say. It’s your day. You and your partner have figured out exactly what you want and you’re happy with it. Don’t let your mom, your friend, your MIL, or even your wedding planner influence your happy.  This moment in time is for you, not them. Remember that.


Live in your bubble. Radiant your happy. Screw everybody else!


Cheers,   Gigi


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