All about me! How a life long dream became a brick & mortar business

meWhy should I be your wedding consultant? I thought today’s blog post would be a little bit about me, my background, and my business. How I turned my childhood dream into a reality and started living everyday doing something I am passionate about. This isn’t just a business….it’s my life’s work happening here!

So how did Not-So Traditional Bride come into existence? A lot of hard work and determination! Let’s face it, the wedding industry is not an easy one. It’s all about who you know, what your niche is, and what you can offer brides. For starters, I don’t call myself a wedding planner. I am a wedding consultant. I’m all about helping the bride achieve her perfect day, not planning the entire thing for her. Some wedding planners enjoy this. I do not. I love watching a bride get creative and share her ideas with me. I love seeing that passion and excitement. I don’t believe there would be the same level of satisfaction if I was planning the entire wedding. It’s not my wedding. It’s yours. This is about your day, your way. I’m just here to help. I can offer up great money saving tips and suggestions as well as elegant and unique ideas. Weddings on a budget are my specialty!  I once helped a bride put together her entire wedding day for less than $500 in less than 30 days. Now that’s great service! A beautiful wedding shouldn’t have to cost $100,000. It’s all about figuring out what you want, deciding your non-negotiables, and sticking to a reasonable budget all while having  fun on your big day. Weddings are stressful! I can help make things a whole lot easier. My entire business is to make sure you get exactly what you want. Your day, your way.

I get asked all of the time….how did you get into this business? Long story short,years ago, I was planning my own wedding and I was very disappointed by the way I was treated. We weren’t having a large extravagant wedding. We had a modest budget and wanted to stay well within it. Seems reasonable right? When we started looking at options for the wedding, such as location, catering, planners…..I got very disappointed. I assumed that people would be willing to help with our big day even though we had a budget of less than $20,000. Man was I wrong! To make things worse, I had a background in event planning and I had already done several weddings myself. What I was asking for wasn’t impossible and I knew this because I had done it for my own brides. Yet now with the tables turned I was treated like a less than for wanting my own DIY florals and for not having a $50k budget. I decided instantly that there is a market for brides who want to do things their way and not blow their entire savings on an event that lasts just one day. You will always remember how amazing your wedding was. But you don’t need to go into debt to do it either. That’s how Not-So Traditional Bride was started. I took things slowly, just planning a few weddings and events occasionally and then progressing from there. As of yesterday I signed my first lease on an actual office. This has now become not only my passion, but my full time career. My goal is to revolutionize the wedding industry here in North Carolina, especially within the Triangle. I want to show brides the awesome and budget friendly options that we have available within the area. There are a lot of venues to chose from and a lot of different price points. I can help you chose a wedding location that will  fit your needs and your budget. I am a Raleigh girl and grew up right here in the heart of North Carolina. My connections with local vendors means that you get the best deal for your dollar, every single time. Don’t waste your time and your budget on things that you can’t afford. You CAN have a tight budget and a dream wedding. You just need a little guidance as to how to accomplish this. And that is where my experience comes in. Below are a few of my qualifications:

  • I have been planning weddings in the Triangle since 2008
  • I have 4 years of floral design experience
  • I was a visual merchandiser for Pier 1 Imports for 7 years.
  • I was the President of a local Hospitality Committee for 3 years. I planned all of the events (banquets, business dinners, birthday luncheons, wedding and baby showers) and I also maintained the accounts and check book
  • I have over 10 years of book keeping experience
  • I have previous catering experience (food prep, set up/ take down)
  • I was an event planner from 2008-2010 at a local venue hall

Want to try something different? Tired of the same old bridal shctick? Then contact me. I promise that you won’t be disappointed! I’ve done everything from last minute floral bouquets the morning of, to cake cutting, to announcing the wedding party. My diversity can definitely keep your big day running smoothly.

You can check out my ad on Gigsalad here… If you have any questions please let me know! And thanks for taking the time to read a little bit more about me 🙂

Cheers!   Gigi





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