Toss out the bouquet. Alternatives to the traditional florals

bouquetLet’s just say that you are a bride that doesn’t particularly care for flowers. Now what? What in the world can you carry down the aisle on your wedding day? I have to admit, I have been spending entirely too much time on Pinterest lately. It reminded me of all the neat non-floral bouquets there are out there. I have been toying with this idea myself for my own wedding. While I love flowers, I think I want something a tad more meaningful. A keepsake that I can cherish forever. Flowers can be preserved but often times they get brittle and can fall apart with age. Something more concrete could definitely stand the test of time a little bit better. Below I have put together some of my fave non-floral looks for a bride on her big day. I’ll have to keep everyone posted as to the one I choose.

  • The book page or sheet music bouquet. Love, love, love this! The sheets are folded into roses and then put together to make a bouquet. This is a little more difficult than you think but I promise that you won’t be disappointed with the results. The more antique the pages are, the more yellow the look. Super classy. Find tutorial links on Pinterest and Google. Or just buy one off of Etsy to save some time!



  • Shells.  I have a lot of shells that DF and I pick up every time we go to the beach so I have actually thought about doing this. However our wedding is not a beach theme so I will keep this on the back burner for now. You can make you own using shells that you have collected from the beach yourself or you can actually get bags of shells from craft stores like Michaels (don’t forget to use a coupon to save a little extra cash).



  • Buttons. I’ve seen a lot of really cute bouquets done with buttons lately. Buttons, ribbons, and sewing notion trinkets all make for a really cute bouquet. Add in some crocheted or knitted flowers and you are all set.





  • Wheat. Bundled together, this makes the perfect simple fall bouquet. You could substitute colored ribbon for the jute twine to jazz it up a little if you wanted. I just love the simplicity of this.




  • Feathers.  How cool are feathers? They are bright, colorful, and really stand apart from their more floral counterparts.  You could use any variety or combination to really make your bouquet stand out. Etsy has some great feather bouquets. Or invest in some backyard fowl and muster up your own DIY feathers.




  • Pinecones. If you are a winter bride then this would make a perfect non-floral bouquet. You can leave them as they are or find online tutorials about how you can carve them into roses. This is a very cheap and unique idea that you could even carry into other seasons is you painted the pinecones bright colors.


pine cones


  • Antique pins and broaches. This bouquet style has been gaining popularity over the past few years and is a neat way to carry over the family jewelry into your wedding. If you mom or grandmother has a few vintage pieces that you love then why not incorporate them into your bouquet? The only downside to this gorgeous look is the weight. Sometimes if you aren’t careful balancing out the jewelry it can get a little heavy. Just be mindful of the pieces you use.




  • Butterflies.  OK I’m a tad obsessed! When I saw this I instantly fell in love and can honestly say that I have never seen a bride do this at her wedding before. Totally perfect for a spring wedding! And also very unique. Who has butterflies for her bouquet??? You just might!




Now that you have a little non-floral inspo….which will you choose?  Guess you’ll have to wait and see to find out which bouquet will be escorting me down my own aisle!

Got any other great ideas? Please feel free to share them so that you may inspire other brides as well.

Happy Planning,   Gigi


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