Why I’m not your average wedding planner. And why I never intend on being one.

Why did I start wedding planning? I get asked this a lot.  I guess maybe it’s because I’m the only wedding planner in the Triangle that has flaming red hair whaleand I don’t sport Vineyard Vines gear every single day (don’t get me wrong…that whale is hella cute). I became a wedding planner because I live outside of the box. I don’t do the norm. I’m a creative, artsy, free spirit. I was inspired by brave brides like me who decided that today’s traditional wedding business is for the birds. I wanted to highlight the fact that the wedding rules can get thrown right out the window.  Don’t pick sides. Don’t wear white. Don’t get married in a church. Don’t have a catered reception. Don’t listen to your mother-in-law. Do what’s right for you as a couple, whatever that means to you. If granny rolls over in her grave I promise she will get over it. This should be your day, your way. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

tastySo when you sit down with me, what can you expect? For starters I’m not very conventional. So our first meeting could take place in my office, walking the Greenway, at a Starbucks, or at Tasty Beverage having a beer. Whatever you are comfortable with. I want my brides to feel at ease. Weddings can be stressful. And so can financing them. I want my brides to know up front that I am doing this because it is my passion, not because I want to get rich. My rates are extremely reasonable for the services I provide. I go all out for my brides and I am there for them 100%, even after the wedding is over. All of my brides get a Bride Bucket (don’t ask….can’t give away all of my secrets you know!) when they plan their wedding with me. They also have not only my office number but my personal cell phone number. You wake up in a dead panic at 2 am on a Tuesday morning regretting your linen decision? Great. Call me. Want to work on table tops for 12 hours? Awesome! I’ll bring some coffee and a camera to take pics so we can choose the best one later after we recover from a craft induced coma. Have a hankering for some Hobby Lobby first thing in the morning? I’ll bring snacks and a credit card. I can be involved for as little or as much as you want me to. I also keep what I call Look books in my office which are just articles, pictures, and inspiration of wedding whatnots that I think are awesome. My brides are able to use every single resource I have….I keep no secrets. I want you to have your best wedding, whether it is a backyard event on a budget or an all expenses paid gala. You decide what works best for you. I am just here to help!

I don’t want to be like everyone else. And neither do my brides which is why I love each and every wedding for different reasons. Not sure of exactly what you and your beloved want for your wedding day? No worries…..we can figure it out together. This isn’t rocket science. It should be fun. That’s why you give yourself plenty of time to get things figured out. A year is standard, 6 months is acceptable, and 3 months is just plain crazy but if that’s what you want then who can argue with that? I’ve put together a wedding in less than 30 days with a shoestring budget (and let me tell you…that string was short and well worn). It CAN be done. Nothing is impossible. So take a deep breath and call or email me. I can help you make it to the finish line. All it takes is a little bit of work and a lot of communication.

Your day, Your way!

Cheers!   Gigi



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