Introducing Maid’s Day…..How to thank your Bridesmaids without the stupid traditional gifts.

27Every girl that has ever been in a wedding gets tired of the traditional bridesmaids gifts to say thank you for your service….a silk robe, a string of cheap pearls, a pair of earrings to match that dress you will never wear again. What if, as a Bride, you can do something for your girls that they wouldn’t actually hate? Give them something that they wouldn’t sell years later at a yard sale. That’s where a girls day comes in. Who wouldn’t want an entire day bonding with their besties? Wedding stress can cause any bride to flip out occasionally to the point where tears and lots of wine are involved (speaking from experience of course). Instead of the crappy necklace set you were going to buy your girls at Belk on sale, give them a day of total fun and relaxation. And let’s be honest….you need this just as much as they do!

Oh the places you can go! And the things you can do. There is no limit to the type of fun day you can plan with your girls. Below are a few suggestions to create a not-so basic day with your maids. Just make sure someone has bail money.

  • Med Spa day. Spa days are a tad overdone so how about choosing a spa that offers up something a little bit different? Anyone can get a facial and a massage. spaBut if you really want to peal the years back and make your wedding day your best day then try a little TLC for your face. Have a Botox party. Get laser skin tightening. Try vibradermabrasion. Glo de vie Spa in Raleigh offers just the right packages to get your skin glowing.  Have your girls looking their best for those pics! They even offer body contouring to make sure that dream dress that you just bought fits like a glove. You can check out a full list of their services here at their site……  And in case you’re wondering, I was not asked to endorse them. I am just a really big fan of supporting cool independent businesses in the area!


  • Zip lining adventure. For the more adventurous bride, I offer up this very cool Maids Day idea. What could be more perfect than zipping through the tree tops while bonding with the besties? Go Ape here in Raleigh at Blue Jay point park is the perfect way to blow off some wedding steam while having an awesome adventure. go apeThe whole process takes between 2-3 hours and you and your Bride Squad will be zip lining and going through obstacle courses while doing some serious chatting while building trust. If Tarzan swings are your thing and you want to get your Bridesmaids rears in gear then this will be the perfect activity! Just make sure that you wear some closed toed shoes and for those gals with more sensitive hands bring some gloves to prevent blistering.


  • Pole dancing class. Yes I said it. Pole dancing. Not only is this a great way to get in shape, but you can’t help but to laugh and have a great time. Aradia Fitness in Cary aradiais a local studio that offers pole dancing classes for fitness and fun.  You can even book a party there so its just your gals in the class. You don’t have to be in top physical shape to try this either….they accommodate for every person and every body type. Make sure you check out their site and Groupon for specials before booking. And a couple glasses of wine beforehand to take the edge off doesn’t hurt either.


  • Jewelry making. If you want your girls to wear a specific look with their jewelry on your big day then why not have the girls make it themselves? Metamorphosis Metals in Raleigh has classes, workshops, and parties that you can take to make your own jewelry pieces. metaThey have assorted metals, gems, and styles that you can choose from. Run by a husband and wife team, this is a neat and unusual way to try your hand at being creative. Not to mention make some bitching wedding bling. And in case you don’t have a artistic bone on your body, they can help you design a piece just for you. Join their mailing list to receive up to date workshop info.


  • Paint and get plastered.  I simply love this idea ladies. What can be better than painting and drinking wine? Nothing in my book really. artThese classes are a cool way to shown off some artistic flare and single out the over achiever in the group. You can either take a regular class or book a private party. Each class usually has a theme painting for that evening. Artistic Abandon in North Raleigh can actually help design a specific painting for your own painting party. And you can have class in their studio or in your home. Neat way to celebrate an average Saturday! Check their studio out……


  • Tarot/ Psychic Reading. Want to shake things up a bit? How about trying a reading from a local psychic for maybe some wedding insight before the big day? I have gone to a few in my lifetime and some of the messages you receive are amazingly accurate. tarotThe key is to keep an open mind and remain relaxed throughout the process. It also helps if you go into it with no expectations. The Dancing Moon Raleigh has a great list of readers to chose from in the Triangle area. When you call make sure that you ask if they are willing and able to service a large party before booking.


  • High Tea. I’ll be honest….I have always wanted to have a super fancy, big hat tea party. Like the kind all of the gussied up church ladies used to have when I was growing up. Host-A-Great-Tea-PartyI’m more into tea than I used to be so the thought of getting all dressed up with somewhere to go is an appealing one. Sadly the best tea room in Wake Forest recently closed but there is another option for Triangle Brides. The Lucky Teapot is a travelling tea party that will come to whatever location you chose. They offer several different packages to chose from and all include tiny snacks and treats to nosh on while you sip your tea very lady like. How can you not like vintage china???


  • Drag Show. And no I don’t mean cars. If you have never experienced this before then I encourage you to crawl out from underneath the rock you are hiding under. dragDrag shows are hilarious and fun. Legends here in Raleigh is a classic. They have some of the best shows in the area. It’s loud, it’s rowdy, and often the fun doesn’t stop until about 3 am. Take your girls to eat at the Pit for BBQ a few blocks over, have a few drinks at Tasty Beverage, and then get yourself on over to Legends for an out of this world experience. If you don’t have fun then I think you may be dead inside. I mean…who isn’t envious of that hair and makeup? You may even steal a few tips for your own wedding!


  • Chanel Julia Childs.  Here in the South, all good Southern women know how to throw down in the kitchen. It’s never a bad idea though to learn something new and brush up on your skills. grillSur La Table here in Raleigh can help you with this. Not only is it an amazing cooking supply store, but they offer cooking classes as well. Their classes take place in the back of the store in their test kitchen and each class has a different dish that you make. From Pad Thai to grilled flatbread pizza to fried chicken…they offer a little something for everyone. And the best part is eating your hard work afterwards!  No utensils are required for the classes except for a healthy appetite!


I hope this blog entry gave you some insight and inspiration as to how to treat your girls. Leave those pearls for the debutantes. Give your Bride Tribe an experience that they will always remember. Trust me….they will thank you for it. Because different is always good. Different stands out!

Happy Planning!   Gigi




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