Food truck Friday!!! Why having a food truck cater your reception is the best idea on the planet


Food trucks. Good eats, local fare. If you haven’t considered a local food truck catering your reception then you’re totally missing out! Food trucks are not only economical, but they also cut down the stress level of your event significantly. And who doesn’t like supporting a local small business??? It’s a total win-win for everyone.

So why is having a food truck a great idea? Because you will seriously look cool. But really…there are several good reasons. For one, they do all of the work. No running around stressing about when food will be ready and if you have ordered enough forks. From the food to the drinks to the utensils, they take care of all the details. Another great reason is the variety of food available. Most trucks have more than one selection for your guests to choose from. This means they aren’t stuck eating the dry over cooked filet mignon that everyone else is having. And a lot of the local trucks here in NC offer local eats….their meat is locally sourced and so are their veggies. Which makes for a totally sustainable small business economy. I would much rather support a locally owned business than a large chain any day! It’s how people make a living and how you get offered some amazing service. Some of the best food that you will ever eat can come off a food truck. Not to mention the diversity of the type of trucks out there. From burgers to BBQ to dumplings….there is literally no limit as to what you can offer your guests.

There are plenty of local food trucks that are more than willing to help out the hungry folks at your wedding. Below is a list of  some of the Triangle area trucks and their links so that you can check out their offerings. Give them a holler to see how they can take your wedding day from average to extraordinaire!

Give these fine people a call and see what a food truck can do for your big day!

Now…… when should you use a food truck during your wedding? Good question. Try these neat ideas…..

  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • Cocktail hour
  • Wedding reception
  • After party
  • Before the ceremony snack
  • Anytime you freaking feel like it! It’s your wedding.

Seriously though. Save yourself some cash and support these local trucks. Your stomach, your wallet, and your guests will thank you!

Happy Eating!   Gigi




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