May edition….$20 bouquet tutorial!

treeI hope this blog post finds everyone well out there in bridal land. For this month’s bouquet, I wanted to do something different and edgy. My bride was having a casual wedding with a black wedding dress. I wanted to make the flowers really pop against the darkness of the dress so I chose yellow, burgundy, and pale yellow flowers with lots of greenery. She was thrilled with the result and I hope you will be too!

To make this bouquet yourself, here is what I used below. Total cost including flowers and black ribbon was $16.27. So again this month I came in well below budget.


Supplies needed:

  • At least 3 different types of flowers. I used 4…roses, dianthus, alstroemeria, and Asiatic lilies (cut the stamen out of the center of the lilies to prevent staining)
  • Greenery of some sort
  • green sticky floral tape to wrap your stems with (you can find this at any craft store in the floral department)
  • ribbon to wrap your stem with (I used a 2″ satin black ribbon)
  • sharp scissors
  • a vase with room temperature water mixed with a little floral food (comes with store bought flowers in the little packet) or mixed with a little bit of Sprite
  • hot glue gun and hot glue stick


  1. Start by laying out your flowers and unwrapping them. I like laying them out on a plastic cutting board to protect them a little bit and it makes for easier cleanup when stripping the flower stems. Figure out how long you want your stems to be and then cut them at a 45 degree angle. You can cut them under running water if you so choose to help them absorb water and nutrients faster but I usually don’t and they turn out just fine.first floral shot
  2. Figure out what flower you want to be your “center”. I usually choose the dominant flower of what the bouquet will be….this time it was the roses. Make sure that you strip the stems of any extra leaves before arranging them to prevent extra bulk in your bouquet. I started with three roses bunched together. I taped those three and then started building the bouquet around them. I added all of the main flowers, taped as I went, then took a good look to see where the holes were. I went back into those empty spots and filled them in with any let over flowers I had.
  3. Add greenery to the outside edges of the bouquet. For this bouquet I only used greenery on the outskirts. You could add greenery to the middle if you like but for the purposes of this bouquet I did not. Don’t forget to use the floral tape and wrap the stem as you go.
  4. After situating all of the stems the way you want them, and you have your bouquet the way you want it to look, wrap from the base of where the flowers stop to about 3-4 inches above the bottom of the stems.
  5. Trim all of the stems to be equal so the look is even at the bottom.floral
  6. Being very careful not to damage the flowers, begin wrapping the stem overtop of the floral tape with whatever ribbon you have chose ( I always trim the ribbon and then fold over the ends and hot glue them to prevent unravelling). I started at the bottom, added a little hot glue to the end of the ribbon, and pressed the ribbon onto the bottom of the green floral tape. Keep pulling the ribbon and wrapping it tight until you get to the top of the stems. Hot glue the top to the floral tape to secure it and prevent slipping down. I finished off the top by making a bow with the extra ribbon and leaving tails on it for dramatic effect. I then placed the bouquet in the vase with the electrolyte solution to make the flowers open more and to keep them fresh longer. Try to keep them in water out of heat and bright light until they are ready to be
  7. Here is the final result……. I think it turned out fantastic! The bride was very happy with the way the colors popped against her dress. kiara


Don’t be afraid to try wild and crazy things with your bouquet. The worst thing that could happen is that you have to take it apart and start over. Have fun with it! Not only are you making something amazing for your wedding day, but you are saving tons of money by doing it. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just right by your standards. Doing florals are fun! Enjoy it.

Cheers,   Gigi



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