Oh yes…you read that right. Free Wedding Planning service.

plannerI am so excited that I can barely contain myself writing this! I have been imagining this concept for months now and I am so excited that the time is right to put it into action. For the next Ten days….from 5/20/17-5/30/17,   I am having a contest of sorts to give away my wedding consultation services FOR FREE to one lucky couple for their 2017 wedding. That’s right…..FOR FREE. Zero dollhairs. Nadda, zilch. No cost to the couple at all. Why am I doing this? Because I love helping couples achieve the wedding of their dreams on a reasonable budget. And because I swear I am part Mad Hatter….who doesn’t love a good party???! To enter is quite simple….I have posted the guidelines below. The lucky  couple selected will be chosen by myself and a team of wedding professionals based on the entry they email in. Good luck to everyone that enters! The winner will be posted on all my social media around June 1, 2017.


To be eligible:

  1. The couple must be from North Carolina. Due to scheduling conflicts for already booked weddings for the remainder of 2017, I cannot commit to an out-of-state wedding at this time. The couple chosen will be from North Carolina and preferably within an hour of the Triangle area. Exceptions may be made for couples outside of this area if deemed necessary by the team choosing the winning email.
  2. Write an email explaining why you are the couple that should be chosen for the free wedding consultation services. I am giving away this service for free to a couple that needs it and is deserving of it. The winning couple will have a total wedding budget of $20,000 or less. My goal is to help the lucky couple put together their dream wedding on a limited budget.
  3. This giveaway is for free wedding consultation only. No other services or materials will be provided.Vendor services will not be provided. All vendor choosing and booking is to be done by the couple. The wedding consultant will not be held responsible for any vendor other than herself. If conflict arises with a vendor during the wedding process, the couple acknowledges that this is at no fault of the wedding consultant but that she may assist in rectifying the issue at hand if the couple so wishes. Side note…….Floral arrangements such as the bride’s bouquet, groom’s boutonniere, and some table top florals can be done at no cost to the couple at the couples request providing that the flowers have already been purchased. 
  4. The winning couple agrees to release their info and photographs to Not-so Traditional Bride for the purposes of showcasing her services. This information and several photos may be on my blog or social media sites. The couple acknowledges and welcomes this only to represent the work I have done at their wedding, to add such work to my portfolio, and demonstrate the work I can perform on my blog and various social media outlets.
  5. You must be getting married in 2017. It doesn’t matter about the day, month, or time just at some point during 2017.
  6. You must be pretty awesome and have a great sense of humor. I just threw that one in to see if you were paying attention 🙂


Email all entries to notsotraditionalbride@gmail.com starting Saturday June 20. Make your email stand out by giving background info such as….. how you met, what you envision for your wedding, why you believe that you are the right couple to receive this free service, who your favorite bands are….you know, the important stuff 🙂 . And don’t forget to add in your contact info so that I can get in touch!

I’m so excited for everyone that enters! Keep up with the contest by visiting my blog and my social media linked at the bottom of this blog page. Good luck! Can’t wait to work with you!

Cheers!    Gigi




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