Back up plans. How every Bride needs one!

stopWell, this week has been an interesting turn of events. I have been so busy that I have barely gotten to blog. Bad Gigi. I will try harder guys I promise! The theme of this mornings blog post is back up plans, and how every Bride needs one (or in my case 5). Why have a back up plan you may ask? You may be thinking, I have a wedding planner…don’t they take care of any issues? Well, yes and no. They can advise you but they cannot make the ultimate end all be all decisions about your wedding. You do that. Which is why you need a good back up plan in case a vendor or your venue bails last minute. I don’t mean to stress you out but this is a reality that has happened before. It happened to me this week. My ceremony/reception venue is now a no go. Which means I have to completely change my wedding plans. Everything was based around that location….from the wedding invites to the food trucks. Now I have to start at square one again and I have to admit I am a bit distressed. I have to decide if I want to just have a simple wedding with maybe just the two of us or do I want to try to yet again figure out the details for at least a few people to be there. I kinda just want to crawl in a hole about the whole thing. Since I’m a wedding planner I am exceedingly picky about all of the details. And I had them all worked out and was extremely happy with everything. Now that things are back up in the air again I get this great sense of uncertainty. Sure I have thought of back up scenarios but I honestly thought everything was concrete. I never imagined being at this point with no wedding plans. These are the things bride nightmares are made of folks! Hence a back up plan.

What makes a good back up plan? Consider that every single vendor you have booked calls you in the next 5 minutes and cancels. hurricaneHave you thought about what you would do? Before you start downing Tequila or eating mass amounts of cupcakes, take a breath. Sit down and come up with a list of local vendors that could be your second choice if your first backs out. What if your officiant moves or your reception hall closes due to a major water main break? What if a hurricane hits the weekend of your wedding? What if your florist goes out of business? All of these scenarios are definitely possible. It’s always better to be over-prepared then under. Go through your contracts if you have your vendors already booked. Read the fine print and find out what will happen in the event that they can not attend your wedding. Will your officiant provide a back up if they get sick? If there is a kitchen fire and you can’t have your reception at the banquet hall you want, will they refund your money? Find out all of the details in advance so that if this happens you are fully prepared to handle it. Remember, the most important part of the day is the two of you and your marriage. Everything else just fades into the background really. In the grand scheme of things those guest favors just aren’t that important.

Have a stellar weekend!    Gigi


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