Hey dress designers! How about making wedding dresses for Real bodies?

curvyWe need a movement people. Like…..now. I am so disappointed to see full page wedding dress ads featuring shapeless and uncurvy girls. Look around. Do most brides look like that? Nope…..not even close. So what’s the deal? How about featuring some good ole average bodies in the bridal mags? Sadly I fear we won’t see it anytime soon. Most designers cater to a market of a slender and select few. Some of us girls just want to enjoy our veggie burger ya know? I’m speaking from experience here. I have gone from a skinny mini size 2 to a healthy and curvy size 8. Now while that may not seem like a big deal….I am very short and petite. Only 5’1 and shrinking by the day. While I am not large by any means, do you know how hard it is for a short girl with wide hips and a big booty to find a sexy wedding dress? Hard people, hard. That is why resulted to making my own wedding dress. Going wedding dress shopping just terrifies me. I have gone before and ended up leaving empty handed and in tears. Not every wedding dress off the rack will fit every single body that tries it on. It is easy to get discouraged when every dress you fall in love with looks like absolute crap on you. So listen up designers. We need dresses for every size. We need dresses in different colors. We need dresses for short girls and tall girls. We need dresses for flat chested gals and big booty’s. We need pants suits for brides that don’t want to wear a dress at all. We need to feel unique, sexy, and fierce. Don’t just stick us in yards of white fabric making us feel like tents. Give us options! And good ones. I’m going to list below the major deficits I see within the bridal industry. I don’t see enough of these choices out there and I truly hope that changes. Hopefully this blog post will be read by the right person who will send it to a designer (or two) who is open minded enough to consider the fact that non-traditional brides are okay!! And that there is a HUGE market for these brides. We just want to be given the same experience on our wedding day just like everybody else. More sizes on the rack. More designs to choose from. More colors. Just give us more!

What we really need (IMHO)……..


More curvy options. I hate saying plus sized. It sounds so negative. Curvy is sexy.



Black wedding dresses. Goth girls need cool dresses too!


colored dress

Colored wedding dresses. This dip dye dress is freaking amazing!



Pantsuits. Um hello? Can we say fierce AND functional? Not all gals dig the dress.



Styles for short girls. Without a billion expensive alterations!



Dresses for taller gals. That are flattering with plenty of extra length.



Dresses for fit gals to help show off their curves as well!



Maternity wedding dresses for the pregnant gals. Do you know how hard it is to find styles that fit??!


What kind of Not-so Traditional bride are you? Would you like to see more of a selection on the rack at your local bridal salon? I know I would! I would also really like to see more Not-so Traditional brides in the magazine spreads….more curvy girls, tattooed girls, crazy haired girls, ethnically diverse girls, androgynous girls. Just a better diversity of all the brides out there. Not every bride is 5’5, a size 2, with a great rack and a six figure bank account.  Let’s tell the wedding dress industry: Study your market better. Bring to the table more than what you are currently offering. You won’t be disappointed. There IS a market for the different brides out there!

I hope you are able to find the dress of your dreams! If you know of any designers that are really killing it for all brides out there then please feel free to comment and share.


Happy Memorial day and Monday!    Gigi








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