Wedding Lookbooks. Why all Brides need one!


Ever heard of a lookbook? Sure you have. If you have ever watched any sort of reality tv show about fashion then you are familiar with this End All, Be All of magical books that showcases the designer’s work. Brides need one. They need a space and place for all their wedding designs and dreams to become a reality. Plus it helps having all of your ideas in one place. That way you can just carry it from appointment to appointment with all of your wedding info in one portable cute little place. I am going to give you a sneak peak of my lookbook. Ta-Da! See the pic above? Come on now… guys know I am not going to reveal all of my little tidbits of information. I want you to come up with an design your own!. Nor am I going to show you any actual bride pages in the honor of privacy for past couples. But I do have a new Bride and I am working on her page right now so I can show you a little bit about how I do the set up. Other than my planner, this book is like my bible. I carry it to every single bride meeting. It helps me keep the colors, theme, and all the little details about each and every wedding straight.

So how can you make your own lookbook? It’s easy enough really. Just pick a base book like a scrapbook or photo album and begin your adventure. Start by collecting paint chip samples to reflect the colors you want in your wedding. Then add photos and pics of things that you think are really neat and want to try out….like an awesome floral or a great tabletop set up. Build your pages to reflect the kind of things you want to see at your wedding. It’s kind of like Pinterest or a vision board only in toteable form.  Each page can have a different theme….one for dress ideas, one for reception brainstorming, one for ceremony suggestions. It’s your book so make it reflect your style and your day. *A little hint….tape runners from craft stores are amazing for this kind of work. Never bother with glue sticks or scotch tape again!

Sorry for such a short post but busy busy going into the weekend! I also want to wish a huge congrats to the couple that won the Free Wedding Planning Giveaway….Jason & Kym! I am so excited to help you put together one bad ass November wedding. Can’t wait to get started!

Enjoy your weekend!


Cheers!     Gigi


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