Can’t find the right dress??? Then just make it!


Okay I admit….I hate clothes shopping. The process of getting undressed and redressed about a million times just annoys the crap out of me. So you can imagine how much I enjoy wedding dress shopping. For my brides, I love it. For myself, I do not. I would rather stick my head in a bucket and just not deal. Which is how I came to the ultimate decision of making my own dress. Yes I know…’s a crazy idea. Which fits in with me perfectly. Let’s be honest….to be a wedding planner you have to be a little off in the head. You also have to be a creative genius and extremely organized but that’s neither here nor there for the purposes of this blog post. Is making your wedding dress for everyone? Oh gosh no! If the very thought of crocheting a potholder gives you the cold sweats then this just ain’t your bag baby. And that’s ok. Not everyone wants to run from fabric store to fabric store obsessing over tulle and French lace. That is why wedding dress designers get paychecks my lovelies.

How does one go about the process of creating her very own, one-of-a-kind, super special wedding dress? Easy. Lots of Tequila, too much Pinterest, no social life, and a burning desire to be an overachiever. All kidding aside, as with anything you have to have a plan. And then a back up plan in case your original plan tanks (as most of you know by now I am the Queen of back up plans). Making your own dress isn’t for the faint of heart. Its grueling, exhausting, and more often than not creates a lot of fear and doubt about this wild and crazy decision you have made. Have no reservations! If thousands of bad ass chicks on YouTube can do it then so can you right???? Ha!

The plan of attack should be something like this…..head down to your local bookstore, drink some coffee (a lot of coffee), browse through the latest bridal mags, and get a good solid idea of how you want your wedding dress to look. This may take some time to finally figure out so don’t get discouraged! Consider the styling. Do you want something traditional that you would see in a bridal salon or something off the wall and unique like a dress you would see featured in Offbeat Bride? Once you have a clear understanding of the direction you want to go, you can make a collage of images you like and begin constructing some sort of pattern for how you want your dress to look. Take my advice and go look at wedding dresses. Only to check out their construction. Look at the sewing, the seams, the lace, everything it would take to recreate that very same dress. Still undaunted? Good.  Then you can proceed to Phase 2, or what I call the are-you-sure-you-want-to-spend-this-much-on-lace phase. Making your own dress can be as cheap or as expensive as you want. Come up with a reasonable budget and stick to it. Otherwise the glittery buttons and pretty ribbon may just blow that budget right out of the wedding water! It will help you out a lot to watch about a gazillion wedding dress tutorials on the internet, check out assorted sewing books, and scour dress blogs for tips of the trade. Anything that can make your dress making as painless and stress free as possible! But trust me…..there will be stress. Its your wedding day! And you are making your own dress. Of course you want to get everything right! It’s a process. I have been working on just my skirt for 4 months now and I am not even finished yet! This is the look I am going for below. I am debating adding some nude colored tulle in for effect (I just adore the two toned look). Since it will be the end of October when we get married I will also wear either a lace sleeved bolero or a little hand knitted shrug to keep me warm. We are getting married outside after all.


Try to keep your design as simple as possible. If you have never sewed before doing something ultra blingy and fancy probably is not your best option. You could also find an existing dress and repurpose it. Take for example the steampunk bride below from Offbeat Bride. She totally remade an existing dress and added an old parachute to it and dyed it to create her perfect vision of the dress she wanted to wear on the big day. It turned out hella awesome!


If you can’t sew well or don’t have a big grand vision then you can always use a hand me down dress or buy one that’s used and redesign it. Take this dip dye job to an existing dress below. I just love this look!

colored dress

Or you could take the inspo from this bride who actually crocheted her own wedding dress while riding the bus every day. I think it turned out stunning! I wish I was this talented. I can barely make a pot holder LOL!


You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to come up with some pretty cool ideas. That is what Pinterest is for sweetheart! Have a cram session and Pin or print idea some ideas that appeal to you. Then watch just enough YouTube videos about making your own dress to be dangerous and you should be good to go! Just don’t be like me and go crazy in the craft store. It’s so easy to do I tell ya!

Keep it simple, keep it fun, and create the right dress for you. After all, you only wear it for one day. Don’t stress too much if a seam is crooked or the lace hangs a little low. I promise people will be more impressed with the fact that you created your own dress than the lack of double stitching on your hem.

Happy dress creating!      Gigi


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