Crazy, fun ideas to try out for your wedding day

Manicure1Guess who’s getting married? ME! And that means I am a bride just like you. I love reading all of the new bridal mags every month to seek out more wedding inspiration. The one thing I love the most is when they feature new bridal trends. Anything wacky or off the wall and I’m down (although I haven’t jumped on board with the unicorn trend yet. That one I just don’t get).  From crazy bouquet ideas to shimmery glitter wedding day nails, I love it all. I found some really neat trends I would like to share with you Brides just in case you see something that you would like to try at your own wedding. There are two that I am going to do at my own wedding next October. Can you guess which 2?


  • Crazy nails. Who doesn’t love some funky nails for a wedding day??? Long gone are the traditional French tips. Color and design are in. Whether you choose a professional manicure at a salon or choose to have your bestie put on some Jamberry nails for you to rock….the options are endless for today’s bride! 



  • Colored hair. More and more brides are optioning for stand out hair color on their wedding day? Why not? Paying with color is fun! If you aren’t down to commit to a total mane overhaul then consider temporary color or even colored hair clip ins. You’re hair dresser will thank you (not really). 



  • Teepee reception. This concept is fairly new to the wedding scene but one I love. I think have either your ceremony or reception in a teepee is a totally fabulous eco experience. They come in different sizes and several event companies have now started renting them for weddings. Think you can pull this awesomeness off? Btw I love the bottom look so so much! 




  • Non-floral bouquets. More and more brides are choosing NOT to use flowers in their weddings? WHY??? Because let’s face it….flowers are freaking expensive. Not to mention the thought of those beautiful cut flowers just waiting to die off after the event. If you want a perfect way to remember your wedding day then consider a bouquet that has nothing to do with flowers at all. That way you can display it’s loveliness Forevah and Evah (play on the Priest from The Princess Bride there folks for your enjoyment). The most popular options are broach, shell, and paper bouquets.



  • Fairy hair. For those brides who have just a little bit of the Netherworld in them this might just be the look to try. Fairy hair is basically stands of color fused to your own hair. It’s pretty, sparkly, and will make any raccoon insanely jealous. Hint of color peaking through your hair on your wedding day is totally unexpected and yet amazing. It’s not permanent so you can have it removed after the wedding.




  • Henna. I’m not going to lie….Henna gets me excited as shit. I freaking love the way Henna looks on a bride. It looks so elegant and yet exotic. It’s kinda a big deal…meaning you have to have it tested first to make sure you don’t have a reaction. Then you have to have the Henna applied several days before the wedding to make sure it “takes”. You definitely don’t want dye bleeding onto your dress from a hasty Henna job! Find a reputable person that has been doing Henna for awhile. Don’t just pick some chick off Craigslist. Because once you put it on it can take weeks to come off. You want to make sure it is done correctly the first time.



  • Floating wedding reception. Why have one reception when you can have several? If you have ever heard of a floating bridal or baby shower then you know what I am talking about. Going from house to house of different hosts to get a different experience at each. If you have some really awesome friends (or even better, decent family), consider having them be a host for your floating reception. That way you have fond memories of your wedding day celebrating at the homes of people you love!


  • Trash the Dress. Most of you have already heard of this by now but if you haven’t it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. So the story goes that you will only get married this one time in this one dress. Why would you ever keep it or give it away when you can trash the dress (destroy it) thereby ensuring a long and happy marriage. Pretty cool concept with wicked looking photos!



  • Couples boudoir shoots. Who says the two of you can’t have fun before, during, and after the wedding day? Boudoir shoots with both the bride and groom are a great way to represent their individuality and sexiness. These are pics you will keep forever people. What can be better than taking pics with your man while you are strapped into a sexy as hell corset with 6 inch heels? Now that’s making memories folks!



I hope I have given you a tad bit of inspiration. Weddings don’t have to be traditional and boring. Makes your unique!


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