What a busy Summer! I’ve been away too long

profile picHello all my lovelies out there in Bridal land. I digress that I haven’t written a post in a very long time. Shame on me! But I have a very valid reason. My fiance and I both quit our day jobs and took a 30 day fitness sabbatical. That’s right….we both totally stopped working. And basically stopped everything to concentrate on ourselves and our health. So for the past 30 days my little marital minions I have been hitting the gym 6 days a week. What! Gigi you must be crazy. Like a fox I always say! But there is method to my madness so hear me out. I have a very tiny dress to fit into next October peeps. Granted it is not the traditional wedding dress (of course not. This is ME we are talking about here). But it has a very tiny and a very defined waist. 50’s style, swing skirt, flaming red and absolutely gorgeous! Now don’t worry….I’ll post pics when the time is near and when I can actually get the thing zipped up. Because apparently when I ordered a medium they thought I meant in children’s. Ahem.

I have travelled a bit. Done some neat things with my son’s marching band. Got to hear NKOTB (don’t judge….I was working the concert to raise money for the kids band account. I didn’t purchase a ticket or anything. Now Breaking Benjamin would have been another story but anyway…). Got to play with like 140 baby goats at Prodigal Farms kid day (see the adorable pic of me goat whispering on the right there. I was wearing my Not-so Traditional Bride shirt but you can’t see a good shot of the front. Bummer). Goat I started another blog. Yes that’s right…..I am cheating on NSTB for a little while. I am moving away from doing real time weddings and more towards online wedding support and wedding blogging. I do after all have the coolest wedding blog online but who’s telling? So if you know anyone who is stuck with a wedding question or who just needs a few badass ideas then tell them to hit me up. I am always lurking in some dark corner of the internet (and it usually involves Halloween weddings). I mean come on… I am getting married next year on a Sunday before Halloween. A girl’s gotta dream ya know?


For those Brides looking for a bit of fit, check out my new blog……Gym Girl Gigi (still on WordPress of course). While it’s not the snarkiness you enjoy here on NSTB, I do have some great recipes and fit tips to help everyone create your best version of you. And of course there is a lot of humor involved. I mean come on….what did you expect???? I will eventually post videos for that blog on Youtube (my channel is Gym Girl Gigi as well). If only I could combine my love for weddings and fitness???? Oh wait… I am. I am becoming a fit coach. Starting this fall, I will be teaching a Bridal Bootcamp in my area. I can’t promise you the best workout of your life but I can promise that there will be an occasional beer involved. Or hard cider for those of us gluten intolerant gals.

That’s enough for the check in for the moment. Please don’t get discouraged. I promise the light at the end of the blog tunnel is near. I will be blogging normal as usual now that the craziness here has died down a little. It took me awhile and some soul searching to come to my decision to phase out what I call “live weddings” but I think it is neccessary. I have developed a very devoted audience both here and on my Twitter (@ NotsoBride) that I would like to continue to cultivate. I’m still that girl out here kicking ass and taking names in the bridal world. I just needed a little time to breathe and figure out what direction I needed my passion to go. So expect more of my hilarious humor, my odd bridal musings, and my crazy wedding ideas. Afterall, someone has to up the coolness factor in the bridal world. Why not me? 🙂


Cheers!    Gigi


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