The Storm before the Calm

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As I drive home this morning from the Fiance’s house, I see the sun rising ahead just in the distance over my truck hood. It’s quiet and at 6 am in the morning people are barely out, even out here in the country. It reminds me of the quietness that life can bring, and it makes me thankful that I am here on this Earth existing even if only long enough to see one more sunrise. These past 2 months have taken a very interesting and life changing turn. I knew I had to write this morning because I have been feeling it in my very bones. I needed to pen the craziness that has been life lately. I need to share the pandemonium in case someone else out there was experiencing something similar. I feel like since the eclipse the world has just been in a giant state of unrest. Our very Earth is revolting against us as a human race. Devastating loss has been felt on a global level. Floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, helicopter crashes…’s enough to make one stay in bed and hide all day. I have had SO MUCH change in my life in the past few months that there have been some days where I just don’t know if I can do it anymore. A beloved friend even said she was starting to wonder if I am cursed. I choose not to believe that though. I think these trials have been an extreme lesson in patience….something that I am lacking in. I think if I can just hang on a little bit longer and have faith in the process that something will turn around. And it always does. It just may not be on my timing.

Ok enough of the serious chit chat. Where have I been for so long and what have  I been doing in my life??? Well, I left my long time career in business management. I took a 30 day sabbatical and just basically disconnected from the world around me. My fiance did the same and we spent that entire time spending every single day together, cooking, shopping, travelling, and just loving life together. It was truly the best experience of my life. I have no regrets and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Sure there were financial struggles along the way with both of us not working but everything worked itself out and I can honestly say it was an eye opening experience for the both of us. I am embarking a new career in insurance and I take my state exams later this week. I  learned that my mom’s side of the family is actually Scottish and not Irish like everybody thought so I have been doing a lot of research on that. My beloved and I are building a house together and we have actually moved our wedding up a year to ensure that we are legally married for this insane house adventure. Isn’t she pretty????? LOVE!

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It has only been a month and it has sure been a rollercoaster already. House is slated to be finished early next May so we are super excited and cannot wait! But back to the wedding stuff. We have changed our wedding plans so many times (hey I am not-so traditional after all!). We had finally settled on the idea of getting married in Miami just the two of us on a sailboat. Less than a month after we booked these plans, Hurricane Irma decided to rip up the coast and hit Florida. It is making landfall there as I type this actually. It was kind of a wake up call for us and we decided that we would get married here at home with just a few friends and family. So in about 6 weeks from now we will be getting married early in the morning one sunny Fall Saturday on the very property where our house will stand. We are truly starting this venture from the foundation up. While we are very excited about our non-traditional outdoor handfasting, moving the date up a year has created some serious stress! My tulle skirt is not finished yet and I am still playing around with the complete wedding day look. We don’t have time to order the wedding bands we want from Hawaii made from Koa wood (fiance’s family hails from Hawaii), so we will be getting tattoos on our wedding day. I will be getting one on my ring finger and since DF already has tattoos on his fingers he will be getting a wedding cuff, or bracelet, tattooed on his left wrist. As much as I love tattoos I have to admit I don’t actually have one yet. So this will be the first ink for me. Couldn’t think of a better time to do than on my wedding day right? I’m thinking of having something like this pictured here. For some reason I love the simplicity of this. I’m not complicated and I think this gets the point across perfectly! Still playing around with the ideas though. Image result for girl wedding ring tattoos    Our wedding schedule will basically look like this……everyone will arrive at the site early that morning. I am doing my own hair and makeup and my son will be riding with me to the property. We already had our photographer lined up and one of my dear friends makes cakes professionally so she is doing an awesome red and black gothic lace cake for us. We will have a traditional handfasting with our guests watching in front of a backdrop of hay bales with fall mums and pumpkins on the very soil where the house is being built upon. After the ceremony we thought about smashing pumpkins. Kind of like the whole glass breaking tradition but with a twist since we are big time Halloween aficionados. We will then celebrate our nuptials with cake and champagne. Or fall cider. Not sure yet which we will decide on. I thought about doing Mead from a local meadery that we have here but to be honest mead knocks me on my ass. I clearly have no viking blood in my veins! After the ceremony my son has an all day band competition to attend and we will head out to get our tattoos. That evening we will be staying in a swanky city hotel and eating at an extremely over priced Italian restaurant. We will retire with a great bottle of wine or maybe just go see a movie. We’re playing it super casual and I couldn’t be happier about that actually. I’m not much for pomp and circumstance. The less attention, the better!!!!!

So in a nutshell this has been my life for the past few months. Crazy busy with a side of change. Hopefully even with the career change and the new house venture I will be able to post the next 6 weeks updates about the wedding. Granted it won’t be anything spectacular but it will be sweet and meaningful to us. And in the end that’s all that really matters anyway.

Have a great Sunday! ………..Gigi


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