Surprise! We didn’t get married.

engagedOmg I have been gone so long that most of my readers must have thought that I fell off the flat Earth. Things have just been so insane that I have honestly had no time just to sit and breathe, much less work on my blog. Shame on me. Now that’s changed and I am back to the grind. I can honestly say I have missed writing. I feel like I have been cheating on my blog with my real life!

So as the blog title states….yeah, we didn’t get married. Our wedding was SUPPOSED to take place last October. But about a million things got in the way and we had to move the wedding to this February. I wasn’t happy about the decision really but it was something that was necessary at the time. The house we were building fell through because of issues with the builder. After months of bumping heads and trying to reach some common ground we finally pulled the plug. About this time band competition season started at my son’s school and we are a major part of the pit crew so from August until November we were tied up with Friday night football games and all day Saturday competitions. We basically fell off the face of the planet and fell into our own little stressful, but fun, routine. The things we do for our kids I tell ya! Then we had an issue with someone close to us being dishonest that caused a major financial set back. It just seemed like one thing after another kept happening and so we decided that it would be best for everyone if we pushed the wedding back a few months to give us time to recover. Our new wedding date was now February and again, all of the wedding plans had to be changed. At this point the wedding has been reinvented about 12 plus times. It went from a simple wedding in a field, to a wedding on a boat off the coast of Miami, to a destination wedding, to a very grandiose hotel wedding, to finally a simple Pub hand fasting surrounded by family and friends. We have gone through a venue change due to the chef being fired, 2 sets of incorrect invitations, a second pastor to fill the shoes of the first that was a total obnoxious pig, and not 1 but 3 possible wedding dresses!!!! Thank the Gods that our vendors have been so amazing and understanding about all of this madness. At this point, we’ll get married anywhere. We finally got our marriage license 2 days ago so if anything else goes wrong then we are just heading to the jail after hours on that Friday to have the freaking magistrate marry us for $20!!!!! I’ve been a wedding planner for a little while now but I have never seen so many things go wrong with a wedding! Guess this whole experience has given me a fantastic sense of humor right??? Ha. I’m proud of staying true to my Non-Traditionalist Bride like tendencies and sticking to my guns about what I really thought was important (we get married with family and friends watching and eat great food. The End). If you peeps remember I did tell DH that I did not want an engagement ring because I think they are just over priced and a bit ridiculous. In fact I did a whole post on it and the alternatives that should be considered. I was very concerned about purchasing a conflict diamond that was not ethically sourced. I didn’t want anything with negative energy taking up space on my ring finger. So for months, I have just worn one of my grandmother’s old diamond rings….one I was totally happy with because it was a lab created diamond and not “real” persay. My sweetie however had something else in mind and surprised me during winter solstice with a beautiful Old European cut antique diamond from the 1930’s. He knows how much I love old things with history and I could not be more pleased with my gorgeous ring! He even got down on one knee in front of a John Deere Tractor (there’s a long story about this and why it is significant that I may share another day) and proposed during a Christmas hay ride through a field of Christmas lights with actual snow blowing around us. My son was in on it and videoed the entire thing in front of a bunch of strangers. It was a total shock and one of the sweetest things that anyone has ever done for me. It was simply perfect. I wouldn’t have changed a thing!

2017 was a very rough year. It involved a lot of happiness but a lot of sadness and disappointment as well. I lost a close family member in a tragic accident and her passing has put a hole in our family’s heart. I made the decision to step away from my business for awhile and give up my office in a Raleigh high rise to work from home and be here for my family more. My step son has things changing in his world and that is causing us stress. It has just been a lot of adjustment, a lot of chanted prayer, and a lot of learning to lean on each other when times got bad. A happier note about last year was getting taken on a weekend getaway to Biltmore in Asheville at Christmas to see the lights. me biltWe spent 3 days there exploring the house, taking a carriage ride, petting the Percherons and buying entirely too much wine. It was the most memorable trips of my life and I was so happy to experience it with the man I love and adore. This past year has truly taught me about real love and commitment, and how to stick through it all when the shit hits the fan. As bad as the last year was I wouldn’t change a thing. It taught me that no matter what, our marriage will be unbreakable. We struggled with career changes, financial worries, combining houses, a growing teenager, death, illness, and just overall worry and uncertainty. I am calling this year, 2018, the year of the Phoenix. I want to kick start my wedding planning business again because it keeps the creative wheels in my brain working. I want to take photography classes and get more serious about my love for shooting historical buildings. I want to commit to helping other brides, free of charge, to plan their own perfect weddings. And I want to continue my love affair with this blog even after my wedding is over and all the cupcakes have been eaten. Who knows….maybe I’ll rename it Not-So Traditional Housewife LOL. I do know one thing however. The next 3 weeks will be the most exciting and stressful of my life as I count down the days until I marry my best friend and true love. I can’t promise to blog daily but if you stick with me…’ll read one of the most unbelievable wedding adventures that promises to bring you a Bride’s perspective on keeping your shit together, even when everything with the wedding has gone wrong!

Party on Brides.

Blessings…… Gigi


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