Checking out the new town, new people, and new good eatin’ (it’s a southern thing)

breakfastI love a boring weekend! A weekend where you don’t make any plans at all but just go with the flow. Unfortunately it’s been raining here the past few days and that means doing anything outside really in this muddy mess is impossible. Still the husband and I decided to brave the elements and venture out yesterday to check out our new town (or at least the town closest to us). After having a big homemade breakfast for my man and a few good cups of coffee, we suited up and headed out to the farm to check the damage to the trees from the wind storm this week. Upon arriving we saw even more damage to the two termite eaten barns, which will eventually have to come down completely. We parked the car and walked the back of the property in the mud where the farm house will be built. We were disappointed to see that a lot of the old hardwoods had come down from the 70 mph winds earlier this week. We had planned on thinning out some of the trees anyways but it was still sad to see the regal old oaks come crashing down. rainy farmIt’s like old friends that just suddenly disappear into thin air. One minute they are here, the next they’re gone. So sad to see them go. I would bet that several of these trees have seen more than a few decades. At least 3 of the trees on the property are at least a century old that we can verify. Such cool history in this place! I cannot wait to call it home soon. One morning soon I will be sitting on my screened in back porch in my jammies by the stone fireplace drinking my morning coffee looking out over these majestic trees and over the rolling pasture land. If I’m honest, I cannot wait to get farther away from city life. In my early twenties it was something I craved. Now with the crowding, the noise, and the traffic it is something that I don’t look forward to. The farm is in a place with a slower pace. People wave when they drive by. They look after their properties and value family time much more than surfing the internet. Yes, things are a little more old fashioned but it’s not a bad thing really.  Most everyone drives a pick up and you can’t drive at least a mile without passing a family farm. I can’t wait to start buying produce from road side stands and go strawberry picking. I plan on canning at least 2 cases of strawberry jam this year. Last year my one case lasted all of about 30 seconds it feels like once my family found out! Truth be told it was the best jam I have ever made!!! I can give you guys the simple recipe if anyone is interested in trying it with their own families. Canning is definitely a family affair!

After we made sure the farm was secure, we decided to drive around and check out a few of our neighbors on the nearby roads.  I was sad not to see little Zilphie kitty…the black and white tuxedo kitty that’s been hanging around the old farmhouse. Hoping maybe she was visiting a nearby neighbor for a snack. We had a full tank of gas so we just drove and drove and got to see some really nice houses. The area around the farm is really building up. People are buying huge tracts of land and starting their own family farms. I say good for them! As long as we see more farms moving out our way and not more modern places like gas stations and Walmarts then I am just fine with that. Although I predict that within the next 20 years the growth and development will catch up with our area. Not something I am looking forward to of course but for now we still have to drive at least 15-20 minutes to reach civilization. It takes about 17 minutes from the farm to reach the next biggest town. So Saturday we decided to spend the whole day there, checking out all of the places and locating businesses that we may need to use for the farm. I was so excited to see a Lowe’s home improvement and a Tractor Supply. We’ll be visiting both a lot in the upcoming year! We also checked out the new Target, went shopping at the new grocery store, and stopped by the craft store to pick up some burlap ribbon for the new monogram wreath on the door at the house. tapatioWe also ate lunch at the recommendation of a friend at what is in my opinion the best Mexican restaurant I have ever eaten at! The food was so good and we were so stuffed that we rolled out the door and back to the car. I cannot wait to eat there again and take the kids. Authentic Mexican food is so hard to find these days and I love it so much more than tex-mex or Americanized Mexican food. The hubby got the flauntas and I got the enchilada platter. We cannot get back there soon enough I tell ya!!!! It was so nice to have everything we needed right there without going all the way into the city. And with town being less than 20 minutes from the farm, I doubt I’ll have to go into the city more than a couple times a year. I honestly dreamed of having my own farm when I was a little girl but I never ever thought that my husband would help make it a reality. I am delighted and very, very blessed that he has decided to take on this adventure with me! Hopefully soon we will be growing our own strawberries to make jam.

After we ran the errands we needed, we picked up some different ciders to drink with dinner and headed home to make some cilantro lime chicken nachos. cidersI decided to sample three different types of gluten free ciders…. Stella Artois Cidre, Strongbow golden apple, and Angry Orchard. Honestly, I have had Angry Orchard before. It’s not bad but then again it is not my favorite either. This go round the clear winner was the Stella Cidre. It’s smooth without much of a bite and it tastes like fresh, crisp apples. Second place goes to the Stongbow, with third going to the Angry Orchard. Being gluten free means I don’t have too many options when it comes to a suitable “beer” replacement. Ciders seem to work the best. I have tried plenty and my favorite of all time is the ciders made by ACE. They have flavors like Pear, Pineapple, Apple honey, and Pumpkin. My next go to would be the Woodchuck ciders. They are a little easier to find then the ACE and the Stella. Anyhow enough about my GF cider rant. Dinner was delicious! I mean who doesn’t like nachos? Sat pmWe seem to get on these kicks where we get stuck on one type of food and this week it seems to be Mexican food. Last week was Italian. Who knows what next week will be? I did try something a little bit different with these nachos then my regular one. I found a queso fresco that you could crumble instead of melt, like the liquid form of the cheese. It looked a little bit like feta but tastes just like the queso blanco you get at the Mexican restaurant. The second thing I did differently was I used Rick Bayless’ “Frontera” brand fajita sauce on the grilled chicken. Made a tasty improvement to an already yummy dish. The hubby gave it two thumbs up and I am totally adding this to the rotation.

Sunday we didn’t do too much except change the oil in my sis’s SUV for her and try to catch a stray passenger pigeon that flew into my mom’s garage. I made a huge pot of chicken  and rice because neither of us have been feeling too well and we laid around and caught up on our new binge show “the Murdoch Mysteries”. I spent the afternoon blogging and constantly checking the weather for the threat of snow for Monday. Ahhh you’ve got to love the Spring in the South. One day it’s 80 degrees and a week later it’s going to snow. That’s good ole global warming for ya. Or you can blame it on El Nino like the old timers do down at the country store. Either way, it sucks.

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Pardon such a boring post but sometimes getting back to the basics isn’t a bad thing.

Cheers!……. Gigi




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