Reno….. she wrote!

renovationDon’t be fooled…that word is Renno as in renovation. Not Reno Nevada. Let me allow you to ride my crazy train for a moment. So I totally deleted social media. I wanted some quiet time away from the madness and I don’t want to be bombarded with all the negativity and BS. So naturally since I’m not reaching for my phone every 5 seconds I have had a lot more free time. While I was in the hospital with my mom last week I developed an unhealthy obsession with home improvement shows. Sure, I used to have a problem when I first bought my house 9 years ago and had all of these wild and crazy ideas. I’d stay up all hours of the night when I couldn’t sleep (I have insomnia quite a bit) and watch shows about how to make my house the perfect dream palace that I always envisioned. My house was a disaster when I bought it. It had stood empty for over two years because the previous owner had died… the house! I had a realtor and we combed the local areas to try to find a house close to the barn I own. Which left me with a really tight radius of about ten miles. And after 6 months of searching I had still not found anything that would work. Most houses in my price range has huge issues that I just couldn’t afford to fix as my first home. One day out of sheer frustration I just got in the truck and started driving around. After about 30 minutes I turned down a road I had never seen before. And low and behold there was this little yellow house with the grass so tall you could barely see it. It had awful faded burgundy shutters and a terrible burgundy door with a huge oval piece of frosted glass in the middle. The whole house was dated and sad. Forever trying to be optimistic, I got out of the truck and braved the grass to look inside. It was very clear that the house was now in foreclosure because of all the bank signs posted on the front door. The rooms I could see from the windows were painted terrible colors. The house needed Jesus for sure. Still, I wasn’t daunted. I saw it as a challenge. Right there on that deck in the hot Carolina sun I knew that the other houses didn’t work because this was meant to be my house all along. So 4 months later after a long battle to purchase it from the bank I was now the proud owner of my very first house! And 9 years later, I’m still here. I made the house as livable as I could…..I painted, redid all of the floors, fixed the water heater, had everything inspected, put a new roof on, power washed the deck. I had the yard landscaped, fertilized the lawn, repainted the shutters to cover that awful pink color. My son and I started to fall in love. The location was perfect and for the two of us and our cat, the size was perfect. Now however a new husband, 3 cats, a Chihuahua, and a teenager later and this house is way too small! So hence the new house search commenced. But almost a year and a half later with no good house and no land deals working, perhaps the answer was under our noses all along. I like my neighborhood, I like the area, and I love my lot. It’s over an acre of perfectly manicured lawn with lots of great trees and rose bushes. We just need more space which is why we were thinking new construction in the first place. Houses built today however and not built as well or as solid as older homes. My house is nearly twenty years old but it is still built and insulated exceedingly well. So that got me to thinking. I love everything about my house except the lack of space. What if we could remodel the house to make better use of space or even add an addition to it? Perhaps we could add a second floor to my simple ranch and make it a perfect fit for everyone in the family. My youngest would have his own room, my teenager would have a hang out space in the new bonus loft, I would get a new kitchen and a formal dining room, and the hubby would have the garage he always wanted. Not to mention we would save about $500,000 from our original plan. Curious to see if it would even work, I contacted a contractor that specializes in remodeling. From what I can tell his work is excellent. So we’re going out on a limb and having him come look at this house this weekend. I have already sat down and sketched out what I would like to do with the house. Now we just have to find out if it’s possible. Until then I will have my eyes glued to Pinterest pinning everything that I think would look great in this house. My goal is to create more space and make things more functional. I’ll admit, I’m very curious to see how much this venture will cost. If it’s not a reasonable amount then we may just repaint, replace the flooring, put it on the market and continue the search.

Down the rabbit hole we go!

Onward and upward towards better things………Gigi


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